El Meco Ruins in Cancun Mexico

About our Mental health therapists

Eugenia and Barbara are two Master of Social Work Clinical Therapists residing and working in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Barbara and Eugenia are colleagues, lifelong friends, and kindred spirits. They love to travel, talk, dream and set goals. They found that the best place and method to do this is by traveling to Cancun together. They use their time in Cancun for relaxation, warm weather, and to take a break from their lives (such as families, partners, children, homes and work).  During their travels they explore life's purpose, set new goals and re-calibrate them "selves”.  Barbara and Eugenia quickly realized how effective and helpful these “retreats”  were so they decided that with their combined experiences and clinical expertise they can offer this  adventure to other like minded people, that may also be interested in creating increased wellness in their life.    

Eugenia and Barbara

Eugenia Lehmann

Eugenia Lehmann - PrairieSol Facilitator, Mental Health Therapist and counsellor

I am Eugenia Lehmann, a Private Practice Mental Health Therapist and counselor for individuals, couples and families.

I hold a Masters of Social Work Degree from the University of Manitoba and I am also a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness Compassion, and Meditation graduate from the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Compassion Project.


As a Registered Social Work Practitioner, I have provided counselling, therapy services and support to clients through life transitions, grief and loss, trauma, addictions and various other mental health concerns. In my 25+ years of experience in the social services field, I have encountered a broad spectrum of personality types and have worked with clients from a variety of cultures, spiritual beliefs and backgrounds. Along with my formal training, I believe that this wide range of experience has helped prepare me to meet each client where they are and to work alongside them on their own unique journey.

 I have a client-centered, strengths-based and solution-focused approach to my work and am committed to empowering – the client – to be actively involved in their own therapeutic process.


I look forward to meeting you!


Barbara Balshaw-Dow

Barbara Balshaw-Dow - PrairieSol Host, Clinical Therapist and Counselor


“As we become aware of what beliefs we are holding that don't serve us, we can choose to make mindful changes that support and nourish who we really are” Heatherash Amara.

I  am a registered Master of Social Work clinical therapist currently working in Winnipeg Manitoba. 

 I offer reflective counselling and through conversation I provide clients with the tools and strategies for change. Tools can include action plans, journaling, meditation, mindfulness practice, and breathwork to gain direction, insight, and self care. My approach will provide you with momentum and energy necessary to seek clarity and vision your life differently.

Areas of specialization; grief, loss, relationship challenges, life transitions.

My vision is to counsel people to meet their goals of change and purpose in health, wellness, fitness. I will assist you in identifying behaviours, cycles and barriers to overcome and to move forward. I will coach you to reach your physical, mental and emotional wellness.