Questions and Answers

Are my meals included?

Breakfasts and lunches will be included in the price of the retreat. Suppers will be on your own however we will be happy to assist to secure a restaurant for you as a group or on your own. 

Do I need to bring Pesos or dollars?

We recommend you bring Mexican Pesos and/or American dollars to purchase any personal items. There are also bank ATM's within walking distance of the accommodations. Most restaurants and stores accept international debit and credit cards ie Visa or Mastercard. 

I have concerns about what to bring.

Personal hygiene products, sunscreen, water/walking shoes, hat, clothes, bathing suit, towel, backpack or carry bag, money for personal items/souvenirs.  Cancun is very warm at this time of year no need for any heavy winterwear a light sweater would be all that you would need. 

Who will I share a room with?

The price includes double occupancy of a large bedroom with a King Size Bed and a full bathroom.  Each room will be shared unless otherwise indicated that you want your own room for an additional cost.

Will rooms be air conditioned?

Each bedroom has its own air conditioner. However we encourage you to shut the AC off while not in the bedrooms the AC unit is very efficient and will cool down the room within minutes. 

Will there be down time?

Yes there is free time at the end of each day. individuals or groups may choose to go out for supper or stay at the home and have time to themselves.  At this time Barbara and Eugenia may have some activities planned 

(which are optional) or have have one to one sessions with participants. There is also a large shared living room,  TV, WIFI and small yard with pool that participants can choose to use. 

More Questions and Answers

Is Mexico safe?

Mexico is as safe as any other major city in the world.  However please use common sense and care when venturing out.  In saying that Barbara and Eugenia travel around on their own, using public transportation, taxis and buses.  The house itself is located in a secure gated community and the house will be locked in evenings and when we are out.  

What if I get ill?

Doctors and hospitals in the Cancun area, are very affordable and as adept as the Canadian Medical system. However we highly recommend that you have Travel Health Insurance for any major medical events or accidents.  Eugenia is fluent in Spanish and would be able to accompany you to assist you with any translating concerns should a medical emergency arise. 


Can I extend my trip?

Yes you may extend your trip  further however you would need make any and all travel transportation, flight and accommodation arrangements on your own.   

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, someone can join you however they must also be a paying participate in the retreat. 

Can I book alternate accommodations?

In order to maintain the integrity of the curriculum and the qualities of the work planned it is essential that all participants reside in the home as part of the group.  

What if I have dietary constraints?

Eugenia and Barbara will survey at the time of registration for any dietary needs and concerns. We will do our best to insure healthy alternate options as needed.